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The first intuitive therapeutic shockwave for animals, learn about the next evolution of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), called Inductive Acoustic Wave Therapy. Our KEPE is the quietest, most powerful and reliable, easy-to-use inductive acoustic wave therapy (IAWT) system for the veterinary practice, and we want you to experience its kinetic energy!

KEPE Inductive Acoustic Wave Therapy - We have kept all the good qualities of shock wave therapy and removed all the bad qualities, while making it easier to use and more efficacious!


"The KEPE is the easiest shockwave treatment I’ve ever used, and it’s so quiet, with no hisses or horse startling noises. We’ve been treating horses for decades with almost every shockwave machine out there, and the KEPE is far superior in usability, treatment and patient acceptance!”

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Treating Equine Injuries

The KEPE makes it possible

Our evolution of this new treatment modality that is minimally invasive, aids in healing injured backs, many lower limb lameness – especially tendons and ligaments in the horse.

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Equine Conditions Great & Small

Treat the Body, not just the Limbs

The KEPE can be used to treat more equine conditions, not just related to the legs or hooves. Many body conditions can now be treated effectively, helping the performance and pleasure horse get back to do what they love doing!

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Canine Acute & Chronic Conditions

The KEPE treats dogs too

As with horses, the KEPE provides the same benefits to dogs! With optimized treatment protocols for small, medium and large dogs, this treatment modailty can improve acute and chronic canine conditions!

About The KEPE

Imagine a kinectic energy therapy system for horses and dogs that is super easy to carry, one plug into power, has a large, color screen to interface with intuitive software, and you're ready to treat your patient with the KEPE!


With US based distributor and service center in Grove City Ohio, the KEPE provides ...


Intuitive to Use

Select treatment area from 8” color touch screen and machine displays treatment protocol, what tip to use and treatment interval, with the flexibility to adapt the treatment parameters in realtime!


Light Weight and Self-Contained

All the power of a pneumatic unit and weighs only 17.5 lbs, easily transported, set up and treatments administered by one person!


The KEPE Creates...

Sound waves that penetrate the tissue where they stimulate the release of beneficial biochemicals, stimulating the growth of new blood vessels (neovascularization) and reducing inflammation.


Best Warranty

3 years or 3 Million hits with proper maintenance


Safe and Effective

This new treatment modality is minimally invasive, with pressure waves that do not shock or use electricity. The Kepe creates high energy pressure waves focused with transducer head and directed to the precise area of injury, this has an immediate analgesic effect so no local anesthesia is needed.

...averaging 2-3 more treatments per day...

"I have been using shockwave equipment for over 20 years and have tried them all. When I first saw the Kepe machine I was little leery of what it could do especially from its small compact size. But Lee assured me it would and he would stand behind it. Lee has been taking care of my equipment for over 10 years. He has always stood behind everything he has repaired or sold me. So I decided to give this new little machine a try. And boy was I surprised. The unit operated just like Lee stated. It proved itself to me within the first week with its ability and power. After the first month of treatments, my technician brought to my attention that we were averaging 2-3 more treatments per day because of it ease of set up and simple one piece design. So the kepe machine is already paying for itself. Thank you Lee for all you do for us."

Dr. B in Colorado

The KEPE Helps Treat These Conditions

The KEPE is safe, no need for sterility and possible secondary infection or contamination from joint infections, with no prolonged recovery time or bandaging and no need to shave the area treated. The treatments can be done on the farm, no need for local anesthesia to treatment area, with response in 7 – 10 days.
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Suspensory ligament tears, strains, and avulsion fractures

Recruit stem cells locally in healing to leave less scarring and to be directed to the treated areas

Arthritis, Joint pain, Back pain, Neck pain

There is an immediate analgesic effect so no local anesthesia is needed

Bowed tendons, Splints, Bucked shins

Deep digital flexor tendon injuries, including those within the hoof

Navicular syndrome

Ringbone (High and low)

Muscle tears and strains

Ligament and tendon tears and strains

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Help your patients heal quicker and get back out to what they want to do!

Provide a drug-free therapy to help your patients heal with treatment sessions once every 7 - 10 days, over a 6 - 8 week period, thus it's easy even for mobile practices to shedule these treatment sessions!

"What makes the KEPE different from other kinectic energy therapy systems?", by Kristine Atkins, LVT.

Please be patient since this video may take some time to load, and it's worth the wait!

"I am a small ruminant practitioner, specializing in camelids. I never thought I could use Shock Wave Therapy with camelids. Unlike horses and dogs, camelids are not handled much nor in the same way. Based on use with horses, I had several cases that I thought would respond to KEPE therapy. The noise, which is minimal, was accepted very well by animals that normally startle at any loud noise. Camelids, particularly alpacas, in general do not like to be touched or manipulated in any way. They tolerated the touch and sound of the KEPE much better than anticipated. One particular alpaca that had bilateral patellar luxation normally cushed (laid down) when examined previously. This is pretty typical behavior for him and many camelids when they object to an interaction. He also vocalized and acted in a typical annoyed “squirrely” alpaca way during earlier exams. I was “blown away” by how well he stood and allowed the KEPE treatment. During another treatment, this time on an alpaca that had chronic scar tissue from a surgery when he was younger, the alpaca actually extended his leg during the process to allow better access to the target area. Normally he would resent the leg being extended. After the KEPE treatment, I observed that he walked back to his stall without any lameness. On a more fractious alpaca I anticipated the need to use sedation. But once acclimated to the minimal sound and touch, accepted the KEPE much better than expected with no sedation. All the restraint that was used for any KEPE treatment was a holder at their head and sometimes another person at their hip. This is the only restraint that is needed for most procedures I perform. I have worked with camelids for 20 years and never had a therapeutic device that made noise be so readily accepted. I have scheduled follow-up sessions for these alpacas for treatment with the KEPE. ”

Pamela G. Walker, DVM, MS, DACVIM-LA, Camelid Care Veterinary Services, Ohio


KEPE Inductive Acoustic Wave Therapy - Treating an Alpaca

Treating an Alpaca at the farm, The Alpacas Of Spring Acres

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